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15-Morning Workout Routine at Home


Exercising is the most effective way to set a fast exercise time in the morning. So you can exercise by creating a 15-morning workout routine at home every day. It needs to be effective and sustainable, which is good for your health.

All you need is a little space in your room and a little more exercise equipment. It will work for your 15-minute morning workout at home.

If you work at a higher intensity, you can practice at home faster. I’m talking about sweating, burning calories, and toning muscles which will help you stay healthy.

You increase your heart rate with jumping jacks and work your legs with squats that will help keep different parts of your body fit.

If the newcomers take a little longer, or if you need to adjust the delegates a bit, it will take a little longer but you have to keep going.

Below are 15 morning workout routines at our pick-up home that you can try once. Hope you get good results.

15-Morning Workout Routine

The best-selected exercises given by Another which you can do at home by making a routine for 1 month. You can notice the results after 1 week.

Start with One Minute First

Continue to do our selected exercises step by step with rest every day. Once finished, go to the top of our list. Repeat once more with intensity.

Stretch First

After waking up every morning you can start your exercise with a few parts you feel good about. Maybe you sit with both hands parallel and your legs together and get up once. 

Try 30-40 times like this. Gently twist at the waist.


Regular, high-intensity exercise is a very good exercise for your heart. Kickboxing is not just a high-intensity exercise but also plays an important role in reducing your belly fat. Also related to other serious health conditions.

You can do your practice by kicking the punching bag every day. 

All you have to do is put your left foot in front of your right foot. Of course, there should be a space of 2 feet between the two legs. Then fold the right hand behind the left hand. If you are able to take the position, you have to kick the punching bag repeatedly.

Then change your position and complete the next step.

Running in Place

Every day you choose a good place to Jog. Jogging is a hot cardio session which is a great way.

Just keep running with your arms and legs crossed and keep breathing through your nose and mouth. Concentrate on your mind.

Keep doing this for 60 seconds. Rest for a while. Then keep doing it again.

Push up Workout

Pushing up strengthens the muscles of the hands and feet. The nerves stay fresh. After putting pressure on the abdomen, it helps to reduce fat.

Stand facing the countertop to push up. Keep your arms straight by pulling both legs. Move the legs back and straighten until the arms are perpendicular. 

Then lift the body up and down once again. Do this 20-50 times first. Keep doing it in sequence.

NFL shuffle & Hit

Stand with one hand in the space between the two legs. Fold both hands straight forward. Then tap the floor with your hands on the bottom.

Lift the arms straight again and then bend the knees in a deep squat. Keep repeating this 10-20 times.

Jump Rope

Keep the legs at a distance from the buttocks. Fold the left leg and place the weight on the right leg. Now keep jumping in a circle like swinging a rope while jumping with both hands.

Use the next hand and foot by changing the position in the same way. Jump like this for 1 minute.

Squat Jump

Spread your legs and arms outstretched. Then keep jumping up and down the ceiling. Bend your knees in a squat. Repeat this 20 times. Rest for a while and start again.

Downward Dog Push-Ups

Keep your body like an inverted V. Keep the hips in a push-up position and lower and lower them once. You finish the push-up and go back to the previous position. Thus, after completing the first step, start anew.

Keep doing the exercises for 1.50 minutes.

Side lunge & bent over row

With one dumbbell in each hand, step the right foot to the right and bend the right knee. Keep the left leg straight and spread the right. Bend your waist. Then hug the elbows towards you. You pull your elbow towards the sky. Bend your arms and straighten again. 

Keep your head on the ground in line with your spine. Keep the shoulders relaxed. Make a slip to the left. Repeat a total of 10 times, 5 times on each side.

Plank to Chair Squat

Keep your arms and legs long. Start by keeping your arms at a distance from your shoulders. Walk or jump as if you were coming to a squat. Put your weight on your feet. 

Let the drum bell reach above the head. Straighten the back and lift it to the chest again. Then bring the hand down to the floor. Perform for 2 to 3 minutes.

Reverse lunge & bicep curl

To do this exercise you first need to take two dumbbells with both hands. Then place the right leg in front and the left leg behind. 

Keep both legs at hip distance. Then bend your hind legs and sit once and stand again. In the same way, fold both hands upwards and straighten again.

Sprinter Sit-up

All you have to do is lie on the floor with your knees bent forward. Keeping the core busy, you have to pedal like a cyclist at an angle of 455 degrees from the floor.

You need to move your legs in such a way that you feel like you are running. Perform for a while.

Take some time to drink water. Then start again.

Tricep Dip & toe Touch

With this exercise, you will be able to reduce your weight. Fold your scalp and sit on the ground with your ass. Place both your hands on the ground. Perform a Tricep Dip. It can also work your inner, outer diagonal, and core.

Inhale to lower the triceps deep then exhale as it rises. Then reach the opposite hand to the opposite leg. Do this for 1 minute.

Squat & Press

All you have to do to do this exercise is to stand parallel with both hands and feet in one place. Then sit once with a dumbell in both hands and get up once. 

Take both hands down and lift them up. Thus rest for a while and start again. This causes your nerves to contract.

High knees

This exercise is done by jogging in one place. Keep jogging with one knee-high towards your chest.

Complete the step by raising the other knee towards your chest in exactly the same way. Reach your arms towards the sky when you bring your knees to your chest. And to get better results, take a step by walking from the waist to the other leg. 

Thus start again with 100 consecutive breaks for some time


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