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6 Week Workout Plan at Home for Woman


There are many of us who can’t go out for work. Can’t participate in the gym. Especially in the case of girls, all these workouts will be more necessary.

Because they stay at home as a result of the accumulation of body fat. So they can do these workouts at home. You need to spend 30 to 40 minutes every day doing everything.

These include Jumping Jacks, Bodyweight Squats, Plank, Push-Ups, Banded Leg Lift, Toe Touch, Bicep curls, Glute slide-outs, mountain climbers, Downward facing dog. Complete three sets every day from inside. Rest for 1 minute, then move on to the next step. Follow the same pattern again.

6 Workout for Female

1. Jumping Jacks

2. Bodyweight Squats

3. Plank

4. Push-Ups

5. Banded Leg Lift

6. Toe Touch

Here’s How to Do This workout

Time: 30-40 minutes

Equipment:  chair, workout mat, resistance band, Dumbbells,

Good for: full body, beginner


Jumping Jacks


If you want to do a jumping jack, you have to stand up straight and release the hand by jumping. You have to stand in V shape with both legs apart. You have to do it this way. In between you need to start again with a 1 minute break.

Jumping Jack Cardiovascular has many benefits in the middle of most exercises. It makes your rate unbalanced. Helps to circulate blood throughout the body. Controls blood pressure.

Helps the body shed bad cholesterol levels. Protects against the risk of stroke, heart attack. Also jumping a jack helps to reduce all body fat including the abdomen. A jumping jack is a whole-body exercise that strengthens your muscles Helps to do and keep fitness right.

Bodyweight Squats


To complete this exercise, you need to fold your arms with 2 inches of space between your legs. After that you have to get up and sit down.

50 times with some time break Bodyweight squats play an important role in developing body 2x body weight for girls and men. Of course it is progressively correct over time. Helps to lose body weight if you are overweight or obese.

To do this you need to perform at least 25 bodyweight squats in a single set with perfect form. Bodyweight Squats can make you more susceptible to injury. Bodyweight squats are usually needed to increase a runner’s body weight by 1.5 to 2.5 times. This means that if you are a 165-pound runner you should do a minimum of 247-pound squats for repetition.


To do this exercise, you need to be in a position to do push-ups until you are done. One of Planck’s goals is calorie burning and beneficial exercise.

As a result, the core strength of your body increases. As a result of doing a plank, only fat is shed around your abdomen. Plank, if done properly, strengthens your spine, rhomboids, lats, trapezius.


This step is to take up 1.5 inches of space between the hands and feet. Then go up and down.Push Ups are beneficial for increasing the strength of the body.

Exercise is a quick and effective way to build strength. Pushup works on the triceps, patellar muscles, and shoulders. It reduces body fat and makes you fit.

Banded Leg Lift

To do this workout, you have to put a resistance band between the two legs. Then you have to go up and down. Resistance bands are especially effective for working the legs and glutes. Because your leg muscles help to produce energy. Doing this exercise activates the gluteus medius and minimus.

Toe Touch

This exercise can usually be done lying down, sitting, and standing. To do this, you just need to bend your spine and touch your feet repeatedly with your hands.

Touching your toes as a result of this exercise improves your lower back, glutes, ankles, and hamstrings. If you can’t touch your toes in the first place. But in this way, you can achieve your goal at a time. This will release the ligaments in your leg muscles.


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