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At Home Kickboxing Workout with Bag


You can keep your home kickboxing workout punching bag. Because kickboxing training strengthens your arms and legs.

As a result you can defend yourself from the enemy. In most cases the punching bag weighs between 50 and 150 pounds.

You need to involve your core, shoulders and whole body to effectively control your movements when hitting the punching bag. Doing this exercise plays an important role in torching your calories and strengthening your core muscle group. One of your exercises that provides repetitive effects on the body, bone-building.

Boxing-style workouts and boutique fitness common popping bags are becoming a hot fitness trend for people.

If you can use kickboxing yourself, try the following exercises. If you can do well, hopefully, you will get good results.

Improves strength

Kickboxing strengthens your arms, chest, back, and shoulders. As well as the legs and core all the heavy bags are busy during training. Due to which the whole body is exercised. May increase your body’s resistance to disease. Strengthens your muscles and cells.

Jab,Cross,Jab (Double Side Kicks)

You need to use both hands and feet to do this exercise. You will be able to punch your opponent with your hands and kick him with your feet.

Pay attention to your punching bag to complete this exercise first. Place your left arm and left leg in front. Place the right leg and the right arm behind. Then complete the cross punch and kick set using your left hand, left foot.

You must keep your body mass on the right foot when completing cross punches and kicks.

Then complete the cross punch and kick set by placing the right hand and the right foot in front in the same way.

  • Left sidekicks 15.
  • 20 straight punches.

Practice 30 minutes with an occasional 55 second break.

NOTE: The practice implies that when you punch and kick using your hands and feet, you have to apply mass to the back.

Jab,Cross,Jab (Turning Kick)

Set your goals to complete the exercise. Place your left hand in front and your right hand behind you.

Place the right leg in front and the left leg behind. Then complete the cross punch and kick set with your left hand, right hand, and left foot together. Then complete the cross punch and kick set by placing the right hand and the right foot in front in the same way.

  • Left side kicks 20.
  • 25 straight punches.
  • Right side straight punches 25.

Practice 40 minutes with an occasional 45 second break.

NOTE: Practice means that you have to rotate using your hind legs while kicking and kicking.

Jab, Cross, Squat

Stand facing the punching bag at the boxing position. Stand with one foot in front of the other. On the other hand, one front leg should stand level and firm. If you are looking at your feet, your front toes should be attached to your back leg. Your toes should point at a 40-degree angle toward the punching bag.

Raise your hand, just like punching. Keep one hand in front and use the other to punch to protect the face. First, do the jabbing with your right arm, then cross with the left. Instantly returns to the previous state.

When 50 seconds have elapsed, rest for 20 seconds for the next exercise.

NOTE: Using the neck, shoulders and whole body to do the exercise consumes a lot of energy. Your cells and muscles become stronger.

Lunge, Kick and Jab, Cross

Stand facing the boxing bag at a leg length away. Step behind your left leg to practice the next lungi. Come back to the standing position with a strong attack from the bottom of the lanyard and place all the weight on the right foot.

Keep swinging your left knee in front of your body to hit the front kick. Then stretch the right leg strongly.

Chambers Bring your left foot down to the boxing stand so that your foot stops before punching three crushes with each punch. Use your opposite legs and arms to do the next exercise in a similar way.

After 40 seconds of work, rest for 10 seconds before moving on to the next exercise.

NOTE: The practice implies that you have to bend your hind legs while you are practicing.

Hooks Exercise

This is a workout called chambers. Hook punches have to be done fast. You have to be strong to work out. It irritates your core, shoulders, and even the whole body.

Start bending your legs backward. Rotate your front leg about 40 degrees. Put all your weight in the legs. Keep the back ankle slightly above the ground. Bring your hands to your face.

Do continuous hook punches with your hands by rotating your back buttocks as you practice with the back foot. Use force to punch the boxing bag. Set goals. Return to the first position at the end of the exercise. Rest for 10 seconds then reverse for 30 seconds.


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