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Bael Fruit: Why drink homemade Aegle Marmelos juice?


At the end of winter and the beginning of summer, climate change affects the body very quickly. Bael Fruit Almost everyone from the youngest to the oldest was disgusted. bael can eat at this time.

Kids nowadays are addicted to packet juices and soft drinks. They should be fed homemade bael juice this summer without these outside juices.

You should be fed homemade bael juice this summer without these outside juices. Bael juice not only cools the body but also has many benefits.

The nutritional value of bael juice

  • Good for bleeding
  • Partial medicine for infertility
  • Good for diarrhea
  • Maintains liver health
  • For urinary tract infections
  • For eczema and skin problems
  • Healing from jaundice
  • Bael as medicine for ulcers

Good for bleeding

Hemorrhoids, there is a simple remedy for this. In that case, take the bael and mix a little honey, some fried cumin powder, and a little cardamom. Eating it every day for a week gives you amazing results for hemorrhoids.

Partial medicine for infertility

Take a ripe bael and mix its shells with a little honey and a few fennel seeds. Then take that mixture daily after breakfast. bael is invaluable for both men and women who suffer from infertility problems.

Good for diarrhea

Many suffer from diarrhea .Take out the seeds from a ripe bael. Then add some sugar to it and mix well, then eat every morning. It is a good medicine for diarrhea.

Maintains liver health

Some people become allergic to food. As a result, there may be stomach problems and itching, bael leaf juice can cure or eliminate allergies and eliminate toxins. Take 20 ml of bael leaf juice and mix it with one teaspoon of fried cumin powder and drink twice a day, in the morning and in the evening. You will definitely get good results.

For urinary tract infections

Many people suffer from abdominal pain and stomach problems due to kidney stones and bladder stones. However, drinking bael juice can cure all diseases of the bladder and kidneys.

For eczema and skin problems

Bael leaf juice is also effective for external skin diseases like foscar spots, pimples spots. In such cases, rub the juice with cold water on the wounds, rashes and rashes. Apply it for about a week and you will feel the difference.

Healing from jaundice

In the case of jaundice, it is beneficial to drink sherbet with ripe bael pepper. If you have a cold, you can drink a teaspoon of bael leaf juice to get rid of cold and fever. The fiber in the shell of ripe bael is very effective in relieving ulcers. Drink bael’s juice three days a week.

Bael as medicine for ulcers

Addition, the leaves of the bael are soaked in water overnight and eaten the next day, but ulcers are greatly reduced.

Why is eating too much ripe bael harmful for the body?

There’s no one who doesn’t like bael’s juice. Except for a handful. In fact, experiments have shown that no matter how tasty the ripe bael is and how constipating it is, eating the bael fruit continuously can cause perforation in the intestines. In the case of raw bael, however, there is no such danger. Ripe bael is difficult to digest, a reservoir of many faults, which produces foul-smelling air in the stomach. But young raw bael is useful, which is a fire stimulant, expectorant, and anti-flatulent. According to modern dietitians, although ripe bael contains starch, protein, and salt, however, due to the high levels of potassium in it, it is quite harmful to the human body. Harmful. Ripe bael contains about 600mg of potassium per 100g. bael is probably the only fruit that is beneficial in the raw state, but harmful in the ripe state.

Bael Fruit tips

How to make bael juice at home

1 Rinse well with ripe bael water.

2 Using a spoon or knife, remove the hard shell of the bael and separate its shell.

3 Leave it for a while with an adequate amount of water.

4 Then mix the shells in water, stir until mixed with full water.

5 Separate the bael seeds.

6 Sift and separate bael sharbat

7 If necessary, mix it with some sugar and lemon juice.

8 If necessary, add ice cubes and cool, then serve.


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