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Amazing Biography David Jeremiah’s wife Donna Jeremiah


Who is Donna Jeremiah?

Donna Jeremiah is known for her writings. As for her profession, she is a writer. She is mainly famous due to her husband’s popularity. Her husband is a famous pastor in the United States. 

Donna is very secretive about her private life. Particularly, there is almost no information about her childhood life and family. 

However, it is confirmed that her birth took place in the United States. So she belongs to the American citizen group. 

She is the mother of four children. All her children are grown now. She has a very harmonious family. As for her relationship with her husband, they are a very loving old couple and a role model for a successful marriage.

Let us have more inside information about her life.

Synopsis of Profile

NameDonna Jeremiah
Maiden NameDonna Thompson
Relationship StatusMarried
Husband’s nameDavid Jeremiah
Father-in-law’s NameJames T. Jeremiah
Mother-in-law’s NameRuby Jeremiah
OccupationWriter and pastor
No of Children4


Donna Jeremiah is a mature woman. Her exact age is unknown, as she has kept it hidden so well. However, some sources have confirmed that she will be around 75 this year. As a result, her parents were most likely no longer alive.

If we talk about her birthplace, it was the United States. But her birth city or more information about this event is still unknown. She is a member of the American citizen group. Her ethnicity is confirmed as Caucasian, or white race.

Donna Jeremiah Family (Husband and children)

David Jeremiah family
David Jeremiah family

She is the better half of the famous pastor David Jeremiah. Her husband is a multi-talented person. This current 81-year-old evangelist is not only known for his devotion to Christianity, but also for his writings. 

He is also an American citizen by birth. Ohio State is his birthplace. He and his wife graduated from the same college. Actually, they were college sweethearts. Later, he completed his master’s degree at a college in Texas.

In 1963, they got married and later had four children. Together, they established a church in Indiana. They worked hard to make the church prosper.

As a result, the church grew, and they established some more welfare institutions, especially for Christian children. They also started their  own television show to preach the Christian religion. They also changed the church’s name after its popularity.

Later, in 1982, the couple started their own radio program with a view to preaching Christianity. They were busy with those TV programs, radio programs, and social and charity events.

However, their lives were not always smooth sailing. David was diagnosed with cancer twice. His caring wife was always beside him throughout that tough journey, and eventually, they won. He also wrote a book about that nightmare.

As a successful pastor and due to his program, “Turning Point for God,” he was estimated to have a net worth of 50 million USD in 2022. This program was reported to have seven wings, including a TV show and a radio show.

The couple promoted the former president of the United States, Donald Trump, on their shows many times. However, he still lost the election. This action brought them much criticism. 

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Her father-in-law was also a successful person. He was the president of a prestigious college in the United States.

This loving couple has four children. All of them are grown up and living their lives with their own families. The eldest son is David Michael. He works at his father’s monastery. Currently, he is the president of that monastery.

Her other son, Daniel Jeremiah, is a writer. He works as an analyst on the NFL Network. The current 45-year-old man has four children.

Jennifer Jeremiah, one of her daughters, works in medicine. She is known for being a medicine specialist. The current 47 years old doctor didn’t follow in her parents’ footsteps and become a practitioner of human health.

About her other child, Jan Jeremiah, no information was shared.

She is blessed with 12 grandchildren, and even they are working for the monastery. One of them is David Todd Jeremiah, who is currently working to preach his grandparents’ motto through video platforms.

Donna Jeremiah’s Education

Both her prep school and high school names are unknown. She does not appear to be interested in discussing her premarital life on the internet.

However, it is confirmed that she went to college. She graduated from Cedarville University. She majored in business.

The most interesting fact is that her father-in-law was the president of that college at the time.

Donna Jeremiah Works

Her works brought her tremendous praise and fame. Particularly, the mystery-solving book “Storm Over Coronado” brought her a lot of positive reviews. Her other mentionable work is “Intrigue in Coronado.”

However, she mainly worked at her husband’s church. She worked as the executive vice president of that church for a long time. Together with her husband, she opened a kindergarten school for Christian children.

Donna and David House

The loving old couple’s home is in the United States. The exact location of their house is in El Cajon, California.

Net worth

She has kept her life private and out of the spotlight. As a result, there is no reliable information about her income or net worth on the internet. 

Donna Jeremiah Physical Features

Untitled design 2

She is an elderly woman of moderate height and weight. Her height is around 5 feet, 5 inches. There is no reliable information about her current weight.

She has blue eyes and is a natural blonde. Her other physical measurements are still unknown to the public.


Is Donna Jeremiah still alive?

She is still living happily in 2022. She is properly fit and healthy and free of any major disease.

How old is Donna Jeremiah?

She has never mentioned her birthday in any interview. There is also no information regarding this matter in her social media posts. Regardless of this lack of information, it is confirmed that she will be around 75 years old in 2022.

When did David and Donna Jeremiah got married?

She married her lover in 1963.


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