Features smart mirrors as personal trainers! Personal Review.

Incorporating a smart mirror into your home gym is a fantastic technological upgrade. They include secret screens so that you may observe your teacher while also examining your own reflection. Yet, how do you decide which changes to make?

Fiture is a contemporary smart mirror that strives to inform its users. This stylish mirror uses artificial intelligence (AI) technology to analyze your posture and movements in real-time. Based on our evaluations, we believe Fiture can hold its own against established players such as Tonal, Tempo, and Peloton.

I prefer group workouts as an ex-dancer. Being with like-minded people is encouraging. A teacher who guides pushes and corrects my form helps too. Finally, I like HIIT courses one day, Pilates the next, and yoga in between.

What is the Future?

AI workout mirrors

The $1,500 Fiture is a smart training mirror that streams exercise lessons on its concealed screen as you examine your reflection.

Fiture gives unrestricted access to hundreds of prerecorded sessions in its fitness library, including HIIT, strength, barre, boxing, and more, for a monthly charge (but no live classes as of publication time). Like many linked fitness mirrors, the Fiture is not a touchscreen.

Instead, you use a smartphone app to filter classes, alter class settings, and start, pause, and terminate exercises on the Fit’s display.

How much does Fiture cost?

Fiture Review

Fiture’s purchase price of $1,495 includes the mirror, a camera cover, a cleaning cloth, and a kit to anchor the mirror to the wall if you don’t want to stand it up. This is a good safety measure to take if you have pets or children who might knock it over.

Shipping and installation are free with Fiture. It doesn’t come with any weights or other workout equipment, so if you want to take a Fit class that needs it, you’ll have to BYO (bring your own). This is shown when you choose a class in the app.

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Future costs the same as The Mirror, which is less than some other workout mirrors we tried that cost more than $2,000 or $3,000. You can also make up to six profiles on one Fiture account, which is standard for similar products.

How we tested Fiture

We listed workout diversity, competent instructors, and equipment quality before evaluating workout mirrors. Once Fiture was brought to our workplace, I did strength, HIIT, yoga, and stretching exercises for 10–30 minutes. I then compared the Fiture mirror to its rivals.

The Workout


The bundle I received from Fiture was all I needed to get my sweat on. But, there are a few of things you might need that aren’t included in the package: hand weights and/or a yoga mat. Many exercises, however, may be done anywhere and at any time without any special tools.

The Fiture routines are designed to improve overall health and fitness, with choices to zero in on problem areas like the arms, stomach, or legs. High-intensity interval training (HIIT), barre, boxing, yoga, Pilates, cardio sculpt, and stretching are just some of the classes offered.

A two-week boxing program or a three-week high-intensity interval training (HIIT) program are just two of the options available to you. Squats, reverse crunches, jumping jacks, thrusters, and star jumps are just some of the exercises that feature in the weekly one-minute challenges.

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These weekly tests were a lot of fun. (I admit that the weekly squat challenge has become somewhat of a ritual for me.) They inspired me to the point that I did so many squat challenges in one week that my legs hurt.

I could see my position in the rankings improving as I did the squats and passed more and more people. And I’m still going to get you, Sean In 60 Seconds. Your minute-long squat total of 88 sets me a new personal best.

What really stood out to me was the caliber of the workout instructors. Apart from being highly skilled dancers, they also exhibited knowledge, inspiration, and originality. Lisa’s core classes were among of my favorites since they were similar to those led by Jillian Michaels.

I counted repetitions with Molly in a number of barre classes; she quickly became a favorite. I kept things cool by stretching with Rob on the calm days, but when I wanted to vent my frustrations, I went to Taylor’s boxing class.

I found that having so many options for training formats, durations, and intensities was a tremendous benefit. Exercise routines can be selected on the basis of time constraints, targeted muscle groups, or general fitness goals.

Classes are available whenever you want them. I worked out in short bursts of 10 or 15 minutes whenever I could, doing abs or arms during my lunch break, for example.

Fiture Review: Final Thoughts

Play mirrors-games

Fiture is a great second-generation fitness mirror that improves upon its forebears by including almost all of the key innovations they made. It is not only easy to put up and unlikely to cause problems with a landlord if you are renting, but it also appears far classier than any piece of exercise equipment has any right to look.

Fiture looks willing to innovate, such as with kids fitness games, to set itself apart from other fitness mirrors on the market, and the company’s library of workouts is big and growing across many different categories.

If only Fiture had a whole range of accessories like dumbbells, but you can always buy more stuff as your fitness quest grows. Meanwhile, Fiture is stationed close to the summit of the exercise mirror hill. I hope you enjoy your ascent.

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