Laura Marie Holtzmann Biography, Family, Career, Age, Net Worth

Who is Laura Marie Holtzmann?

Laura Marie Holtzmann is a very prominent individual in the United States. She is the third child of Joyce Meyer and Dave Meyer. Among the sisters, she is the eldest. Because her mother was a famous pastor, she has been in the spotlight since she was a child.

She was born in the United States, so she is a naturalized American. She is currently 54 years old and, as previously stated, single.

Her private life is well-kept, and she is not active on social media. However, despite being inactive on social media, she is well-known for her philanthropic work.

Let us have a closer look at her exciting life events.

Synopsis of her Profile

NameLaura Marie Holtzmann
NicknameLaura, Marie, Laura Marie
Father’s NameDave Meyer
Mother’s NameJoyce Meyer
Year of Birth5th April 1968


Laura Marie Holtzmann is currently in her mid-50ss as her birth took place in 1968. As for her birthplace, her mother confirmed that it was the St. Louis suburbs in Missouri. She still lives in the USA.

Both of her parents are Americans by birth, so she is also an American. As for her ethnicity, it was confirmed that she belongs to the Caucasian group.

Laura Marie Holtzmann’s Father

Dave Meyer is none other than a famous Christian preacher in the USA, This 82-year-old evangelist was born in 1940. Marie’s father is the vice president of one of the most popular non-profit American organizations, Joyce Meyer Ministries.

Laura Marie Holtzmann parents

He is also known for his writing. For a long time, he has been supporting his wife’s organization. In 2022, his expected net worth will be about 2 million USD.


Marie’s mother is the famous American Christian teacher and preacher Joyce Meyer. This 79-year-old  is a familiar face among Christian evangelists. She is the president of Joyce Meyer Ministries.

Because of her deep understanding and knowledge of the Bible, she has made a strong impression among American preachers. She has a great influence on her whole family.

Marie is no exception, having been involved in the Christian religion and preaching since she was a child.

Laura Marie mother

Her mother, a famous American pastor, is very famous for motivational speaking programs and writings. As of 2022, her net worth was recorded at 8 million USD.

About Marie’s grandparents, no information is known. Her parents kept their personal lives too secure and didn’t want others to bother them about their parents.

Laura Marie Holtzmann Brother and Sister

Marie has two brothers and one sister. One of her brothers is older than her, and the other two siblings are younger than her.

Her eldest brother,  David Hutchison, is also involved in her mother’s monastery. He is the CEO of one of the programs of that organization.

Manages and coordinates the international sub-offices under the program “Hand of Hope.” He is also involved in the translating program for his mother’s books for foreign readers. Dedicated to helping the lost and poor Christians all over the world.

Her other brother, Daniel B. Meyer, is the CEO of the US office of her mother’s organization. He has to oversee the work of more than 400 officials in his sector. He looks over the advancement of the monastery both technologically and socially.

Her younger sister, Sandra McCollom, is known for her books. She is married to Steve McCollom, and the two are known as a loving couple.

She works as the co-founder of her husband’s organization. Unlock her older sister Marie, who is very active on social platforms.

In her biography, she shared her life story and her journey from having an anxious personality to achieving a bright and calm personality.

Sandra McCollom

Laura Marie Holtzmann Education

She started her educational life early. She went to high school in Missouri, in the United States. After graduating from high school, she went to college.

It was confirmed that she didn’t attend a college in her hometown. Rather, she went to California for college. It has not been confirmed whether she studied further or not after graduating from college.

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Laura Marie Holtzmann Career

As for her career, she is mainly a TV personality. She is mainly known for her mother’s fame. However, she mainly helps with her mother’s organization, particularly in the program “Hand of Hope.

That is, she mainly helps people who are in need. The program helps people from areas where natural disasters occur frequently and wars are raging, in particular


Marie was born on April 5, 1968. So as of 2022, she is 54 years old.

Net Worth

Marie is a very successful career-oriented woman. She works as a TV personality. Thus, her net worth is recorded at $1 million. Though her net worth is less than both of her parents, she is still a millionaire. So, she enjoys an affluent lifestyle.

Who is Laura Marie Holtzmann Husband?

Marie has kept her private life out of the spotlight and does not share any of her private stories with the media. However, as of now, she is single. However, it is unknown whether she had a relationship or not. Also, whether she had married previously is not confirmed yet.

Is Marie’s mother divorced her father?

It is known that both Marie’s parents love each other and are in a very successful marriage. However, for her mother, it is her second marriage. Her first husband was a greedy person and used to cheat on her. So, her first marriage was unsuccessful, and they got divorced in 1966. She then married Dave in 1967

Why was Joyce Meyer chastised in the media?

She is a role model for society as a teacher and an evangelist. However, she used to have a lavish lifestyle. Her organization preaches that it helps unprivileged people all over the world. However, she shows off a lot with her expensive

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