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Lily Dolores Harris Biography, Family, Career, Age, Hobby, Net Worth


Who is Kaylee Lily Dolores Harris?

Lily Dolores Harris is a rising star in the U.S. She started getting known after she was in a popular NBC show in 2010.

Lilly started working on TV when she was young, and after she graduated from college, she did a few films. Lily Dolores is a promising producer and director who is just starting out.

She is also famous for being the daughter of a famous person. In this article, we’ll talk about his life story.

Profile Summary

NameLily Dolores Harris
Age30 years old
Date of birthMarch 3, 1993

Lily Dolores Biography

Lily was born in Santa Monica, California, on March 3, 1993. Now, in 2023, he will be 30 years old. She is the only daughter of Ed Harris and Amy Madigan.

People always want to know more about Lily Dolores because her parents are well-known.

Family Background

Lily Dolores Ed Harris is the only daughter. Her father Ed Harris is an American television actor and director. and his mother Amy Madigan, is a Roman Catholic Irish American.

Ed Harris Harris is still most grateful for his daughter, even though he has done a lot of great things. 

Lily Dolores Harris mother
Ed Harris daughter

Harris and Madigan’s families are lovely. During a Q&A in TO07, Harris was asked, “When have you been the happiest?” He answered immediately, “The day our daughter was born, or fishing in the Colorado River with my wife, brother, and his friend Earl.

His daughter, Lily Dolores, is one of the best things he has done in his life.

Lily attended the premiere of “The Last Daughter” with her father in 2021. The event was held at Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts, Alice Tully Hall.

Lily Dolores Education 

Lily earned a degree in English literature from Reed College in Portland. During his time in Portland, he spent time in the theater.

Because he knew he would eventually come into acting. Not much information is available about Lily’s education.

Lily Dolores Career

After graduating, Lily joined the theater, as she knew what career she wanted to pursue. Lily Reed credits her father as a role model in her acting career. Lily was greatly influenced by her father’s instructions and chose acting.

He was first admitted to the MFA. In the past, he struggled to share his true self and earn the love of fans.

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Lily has appeared in many television films and theater productions. making his screen debut in “The Three Labors of Oliver.”

She also appeared in the NBC medical drama “Chicago Med” as Astrid Meadows, who suffers from hallucinations.

Lily Dolores Harris 2
Lily Dolores Harris

He also directed the film “Salty,” through which he became known as a skilled director and producer. They produced “The Garden Will Not Crumble.”

He likes to work alone to create new things, but he also enjoys collaborating with others. He wants to overcome new challenges through his love for acting. He finds himself by sharing his personality through his acting.

He is now affiliated with the Conservatory Theater MFA program.

Lily Dolores Is Lily in a relationship?

There is no exact information on whether Dolores is in a relationship or not. But during an interview with ATC, he talked about his partner and his lover.

When asked about his interests outside of acting, he said, “I live with my partner and our incredible, adorable dog, Beau, and I don’t know where I’d be without them.” But he did not mention the name of his partner.

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But he is dating now, so people think that. It is believed that the person calling her could be her lover. Again, this picture can be used in Halloween-themed photo montages. Although Lily Dolores did not talk about her relationship,

Lily Dolores hobby

Dolores Harris is an avid reader in her spare time. prefers reading books based on fantasy. He regularly finds time to read books. 

Harris thinks reading books is a perfect activity and a way to relax. The “Chicago-made” actress also talked about her love for horses and her intention to buy a horse in the future.

He mentions that he likes to ride horses, although he has less time for this hobby than when he was younger.

Lily Dolores Harris net world

The amount of money Lily Dolores Harris is thought to have is between $1 million and $5 million. Her father is very rich. He has a net worth of about $25 million.

Lily Dolores familly

Apart from this, Lily is quite famous, like her father. He earns a lot of money from acting and presenting.  There is no exact information about how many dollars he earns.

Social Media

Lily is not on social media; we can’t find any of her social accounts. We get through his father, Ed Harris. He is away from social media; he mainly devotes more time to his work life. And he likes to read books in his spare time.

Who is Lily Dolores Harris?

Lily Dolores Harris is the only daughter of Ed Harris and My Madigan.

How old is Lily Dolores?

30 years as on 2023

How tall is Lily Dolores?

Lily Dolores Harris stands 5’5″ tall.

Lily Dolores, is she married?

No, he is not married now.

What is Lily Dolores Harris mourning?

reading and horseback riding.


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