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Madeline Robbie Schneider Biography, Family, Career, Age, Net Worth


Who is Madeline Robbie Schneider?

Madeline Robbie Schneider is the youngest child of Rob Schneider. She was born to Rob’s current wife, Patricia Schneider. Being a star kid, she became a sensation right after she entered the world.

If we talk about her nationality, it is American. Her family is an excellent example to others, as all of them live together in California. You can see her many times in her parents’ social media posts. Thus, she became a prominent face in the showbiz world.

She seemed very delighted to spend time with other family members, especially with her mother. From her mother’s Instagram posts, she seems enthusiastic about trips.

Let’s take a look at some of her life events and fascinating facts.

Synopsis of Her Profile

Maddy was born in Los Angeles, California, and currently resides in the same city.

Her mother is a member of the Mexican ethnic group, and her father is a member of the American ethnic group.

Also, in the case of her paternal grandparents, one was a member of the Filipino American ethnic group, and the other was a member of the Jewish-American ethnic group. Thus, she is a member of a  mix of Mexican and American ethnic groups.

Madeline Robbie Schneider’s Family

As for her father, he is a famous American media personality, Robert Michael Schneider. He has made his name in several theater sectors.

Some of them are acting, screenwriting, comedy acting, etc. In a word, this maestro artist, who is currently 59, is a wonderful father to his offspring.

Versatile and a successful, encouraging woman, Patricia Azarcoya Schneider is Maddy’s dear mom. She and Robert have been married for almost eleven years. They are a wonderful couple. This artist, currently thirty-four years old, has worked on many Hollywood TV series.

She is well-known for being devoted to her children. She always tries to make some time for her daughters, even after being so busy and successful in her career.

Maddy is the granddaughter of the notorious artist, Pilar Schneider. Her granny’s birthplace is the beautiful country of the Philippines. After she became an adult, she moved to the United States and became an American citizen.

She won many awards as an acknowledgment of her work. Her grandmother was known to her grandchildren as a very cheerful person. Maddy and her grandmother appeared to be in a loving posture in some of her parents’ Instagram posts.

She died in 2021 at the age of 91 in her own home in California. Her son’s post on Instagram confirmed that she had a peaceful death.

Her grandpa, Marvin Schneider, was a real estate broker.

Madeline has two elder sisters. The oldest one is Tanner Elle Schneider. She is Rob Schneider’s daughter from his first marriage. Thus, she is a half-sister of Maddy. She is a well-known figure in America’s music society.

Her first marriage was with Andrew Ferguson, which lasted only for one year. Recently, in 2021, she welcomed her first child into the world. Dan Tooker is her current fiancé and the son’s father.

Her other sister is Miranda Scarlet Schneider. She is a known face among child stars in Hollywood. She had acted in some movies. Her recently released movie is “Daddy-Daughter Trip.” Her father, who is many years her senior, also worked on the film. This is a perfect movie to watch with your family.

Madeline Robbie Schneider’s Education

Being only six years old, Madeline has just started to go to formal school. She graduated from her preschool recently. For reasons of privacy, her school’s name is well hidden. However, it is known that she is enrolled in a very high-quality school in the USA.


She had not yet appeared in any film or television series because she was still a child.  But you can follow her updates through her parents’ posts, However, it is not yet confirmed whether she will walk into an acting career or not.

Madeline Robbie Schneider is a grandparent
Madeline Robbie Schneider grandparent

She had not shown interest in any particular site on social media. But, from her parents’ shared posts, it is seen that she is very comfortable in social places.

Net worth

Madeline has not started to work yet. So she does not have any income.

However, being the daughter of millionaires, she is certainly leading a rich life.

Among the famous comedians of Hollywood, Maddy’s father is a notorious figure. As of 2022, his net worth was recorded at twenty million USD. In September 2022, his net worth was recorded at three million USD per month.

Her mother has a net worth of three million US dollars, as recorded in 2022.

So, she is actually pretty rich and is having a good life being the daughter of rich celebrities.

Physical Appearance

Madeline Robbie Schneider is 3 feet, 4 inches tall, as recorded in 2022. That is, she is almost 102 cm tall.

She is growing up very well. He weighed 30 kg in 2022 (60 pounds).

She has thick and deep brown colored hair. She prefers short hairstyles now. She has black eyes with thick lashes.

She is very cute and adorable in appearance.

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Is Madeline in any relationship now?

Maddy is only a kid for now. So, being in any romantic relationship is out of the question for her. That is, from this perspective, she is single.

Social Account

Maddy is still a little fella and has yet to have a foot on social media. She is too young to have an account on any social platform yet. However, you can look her up in her parents’ accounts.

Her mother loves to share their moments on her social accounts. So, follow her mother’s Instagram account to see her updates.


Does Madeline have any friends?

Her private life is not widely publicized on the internet because she is still very young. However, she is a grader now. Therefore, it may be said that she befriends many children of that age.

Does Madeline participate in any TV series or movies?

She has yet to make her debut in any TV series or movie. However, her elder sister has worked on some movies. So, we can hope to see her soon on the TV screen.

Has Madeline finished preschool?

Yes, she recently completed preschool.


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