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Peeling Skin on Fingers Vitamin Deficiency


Environmental and vitamin supplements without finger skin peel. There is nothing unusual about the skin of the fingers except the skin peel. In many cases, peeling is seen on the skin, hands, and lips.

Although peeling of the skin is usually the cause of discomfort. It can be removed immediately with a few treatments. Skin rash, itching, or dryness on the skin of the fingers.

In this article, we will highlight some of the rules for peeling the skin of the fingers. Which you can find out below.

Lack of omega-3 fatty acids usually causes peeling of the skin due to autoimmune or inflammatory diseases. It is caused by some fungal infections. There are also some major diseases such as cancer. This is why it can be noticed.

Vitamin A Overdose

Peels the skin on the fingers as a result of eating too much vitamin A. Vitamin A is also caused by excessive use of such products. Vitamin A overdose in the human body causes the skin to die and it can be noticed when new skin is formed.

According to dermatologist Dr. Audrey Quinn, this also happens when you take large amounts of vitamin A. It also causes rashes, itchy mild burns.

Niacin Deficiency

Niacin or vitamin B3 is important for the health of your skin. If your body is deficient in this vitamin, it affects the health of the skin. It is a disorder of the immune system that can cause various diseases. In the absence of this, some symptoms are seen before peeling the skin.

Such as small red bumps on the back of the upper arms and mixed oily and dry skin. Rash, itching, dryness problems can occur with peeling of the skin.

Symptoms of eczema and psoriasis can be noticed in the absence of biotin. Which may later take on more formidable forms.

Biotin Lack

The origin of biotin is from biotin aids. Vitamin H, an enzyme R, and vitamin B are considered as part of it. In this situation, treatment should be started as soon as any disease is diagnosed.

Result of treatment, the symptoms disease will be better. This can cause the skin on your fingers to peel off. Hair can also become thinner with the loss of all body hair.

The Environmental Cause of Finger Skin Peeling


The environmental causes of peeling skin come from the outside rather than the inside. This section is usually due to weather and some environmental behavior. It can also be caused by frequent handwashing with soap. Too much of this can lead to dry skin and cracking of the skin.

Frequent Hand-Washing

Frequent handwashing with soap results in dry skin. We use hand wash or soap to protect ourselves from harmful bacteria. Due to which the protective oils on the skin of the hands fall with the water. As a result, the skin loses moisture. It is called soap dermatitis.

Since this problem is due to excessive hand washing, avoid washing hands unnecessarily. Do not wipe hands with rough things.


Due to the dry weather, the skin becomes dry. The result can be skin rashes or cracks. This can happen due to the presence of cold in the winter. It can also happen to those who spend time outside. However, if you use a hot glove, you can avoid it.


This habit can be noticed in children. They suck the fingers and cause relatively painful sores and peeling on the skin of the fingers. Due to this habit, it is seen that he cannot give up even when he grows up. Which causes a big problem. Severe allergies, drug reactions, etc. are seen in severe cases.

In order to get rid of this habit, children must first be encouraged to do good deeds. Especially well-monitored.


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