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How to Get a Baby to Stop Fighting Sleep


If you are struggling with your baby’s sleep, don’t despair. There can be many reasons why your baby may struggle with sleep.

If you don’t give him time, he is hungry. There can also be many reasons why he will fight for sleep by screaming, kicking, running.

You need to know why your baby has trouble sleeping. That way if you have to work your baby will have no problem getting to sleep. I made a bedtime routine. Hopefully, you will prepare your child that way. The first step is to act. Your child will get used to what you do. Maybe it will take a while. But it will gradually become a habit.

Below are some of the reasons children struggle with sleep and how they can get the rest they need. Hopefully, it will work for you.

What Causes Kids to Fight Sleep?


The need for food usually increases from one year after the birth of a baby. At this time baby demands a lot of nutrition for its growth. Breast milk and nutritious food are needed at this time. You can stay up to about four hours to feed your baby for the first few months. Depending on the age of your child, need to give an adequate amount of nutritious food.

How to Understand Hungary: Babies can fight sleep with hunger. Then his behavior changed. At this time your baby will continue to suck in his fist. Will be licking the ankles or lips.


After coming out of the mother’s womb, the baby loves to be with his mother. It can be scary for a child to be alone in such a big world. When your child wants to be by your side like a shadow, he cannot be left alone.

As a result of being alone, your baby may struggle with sleep.


Young children like to be in secluded places. There are many kids who find it very difficult to settle down even after a lot of excitement. So more noisy toys, loud music is overstimulation due to too much light or too much touch.

If your home is frequently visited and full of action, keep the child at a safe distance. Otherwise, they may have trouble sleeping.


Kids don’t sleep when they are overly exhausted. Then it is very difficult to comfort him. When children use it, they delay bedtime and the problem gets worse. Doing all this makes your child weak. As a result, he suffers from discomfort.

Symptoms: Red ears, frequent sneezing, blinking of eyes.

Under Tired

Don’t force your baby to sleep if he is tired. The baby needs less sleep according to age. Newborns should get 1 to 1.5 hours of sleep a day and babies need only 10-15 hours of sleep in four months to a year. Your older baby cries when you try to keep him asleep.

So now you have to see if he was sleeping more than necessary.

How to fix When Your Baby is Struggling to Sleep

Set aside Some Boundaries for the Baby

You’ve probably seen kids sleeping noisily. But if your baby likes to sleep alone, it can do more harm than good. Your baby will start crying when he doesn’t want it. Then you need to set boundaries for your baby. But learning different types of sleep works for a different baby.

Talk to your healthcare provider to find out all of your baby’s sleep patterns. And choose the routine you need for your baby.

Prepare to Play time During the Day

Encourage your child to play during the day. Make a specific place to play. Allow time to play every day. So that the child can play happily within that time. As a result, a good night’s sleep. May stop fighting with sleep.

Ensure Your Baby is Getting Enough Feeds

You need to make sure your baby is getting feed. Newborns usually have to meet their needs every 2 to 3 hours within 24 hours. The rules for eating change as your baby gets older.

Shut off the Electronics Two Hours Before Bed

Getting up early is not a problem for an older baby. However, if your baby is a newborn, it can affect him. Also, if you live in a house where the television, speakers, computer are always on, it can disturb your baby’s sleep.

So you have to turn off the TV 1 hour before bed. In the morning, you had to wait an hour to wake up.


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