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If you have acne on your face, how to do it every day, it will be reduced soon?


The sebaceous glands are also present along with the hair follicles in the dermis of our skin. A kind of liquid 2 secrets from the text. This liquid is extremely oily in nature. The duct associated with the sebaceous gland is termed the sebaceous duct. From this duct again another type of fluid is discharged in the name of service, It is also oily in nature. In most cases, infections occur when these glands close. And this infection is actually acne.

When can acne occur?

Acne mainly affects people in their late teens and early twenties. The sebaceous glands become more active during adolescence under the influence of the hormone testosterone. Within a few months of birth, newborns may develop acne in the form of small pimples. This is called neonatal acne. The effects of the androgen hormone, which is passed from the mother to the baby, have been shown to cause acne.

Which part is acne?

Acne mainly affects the face in 90% of cases. Because 80% of the mouth has sebaceous glands. In many cases, of course, can be on the back.

What is contagious?

Although acne due to chronic infections they themselves are not contagious. That is, it does not mean that one will have another.

Does it have anything to do with mental anxiety or tension?

Of course, there is. It has been seen that young girls complain of getting acne before marriage. Boys have more acne before going to the interview or before the test. Causes of excessive emotional anxiety.

How does acne feel?

1.        Comedon – commonly known as Blackheads and Whiteheads.

2.       Papules, i.e. skin-colored granules, may be slightly painful with the above.

3.       Pus-filled grains, painful-pass hair.

4.       Nodule- Large stiff, not reduced by itself.

Avoid for acne

What are the home remedies for acne?

1)      Drink 9-10 glasses of water every day.

2)      Eat any type of seasonal fruit after dinner every day. It will keep your skin fresh. Avoid oily or fast food foods as much as possible.

3)      Always wash your face with face wash from the outside. You can also take light hot water steam. This will clear the dust accumulated on the skin.

4)      Many of us have a bad habit of picking acne with our nails. We need to understand that this is not a solution. On the contrary, it can make acne worse. This will make the acne red. It will even burst and cause scars on the face. Make-up should not be used until acne is gone.

Classification of medicines (ointment)

1Retinoids – Reduce oil gland size and oil secretion, such as tretinoin, adapalene.

2Antibiotics – Reduce THE  Number of Bacteria in Increased Seat, Needle S Clindamycin, Dopson.

3Others, such as benzoyl peroxide, work in multiple ways.

For those who have been suffering from acne and acne scars for a long time, Nothing is working, Seek the help of an experienced doctor without delay. However, before looking at the tips of acne and bruising spots, look at the domestic tips and the location of the water.


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