Who Is Violet Moon Howey? Sarah Shahi’s Daughter: The Whole Story

Steve Howey ex-wife Sarah Shahi is the mother of Violet Moon Howey, the actor’s daughter. On television, Violet’s father, Howey, is best known for his appearances as Van Montgomery on Reba and Kevin Ball on Shameless.

While on the other side, her mother, Sarah, is an actress who has been in The L Word, Fairly Legal, and Person of Interest. Sex/Life, a Netflix original series starring Shahi, is now airing.

About Violet Moon Howey

Moon Howey is also one of the American star children whose parents have a lot of fans. It’s become popular these days to find out more about the families of famous people.

Violet is one of the children of actors, but we don’t know much about her life right now. We don’t expect her to have a profession because she is still a young child.

As of December 2021, Violet is really six years old. She was born in 2015, but her exact birthday hasn’t been made public on social media yet.

Since we don’t know when she was born, we couldn’t check her zodiac sign. She was also born and raised in the United States, so she is an American.

On top of that, her mother is 41 years old right now. Her father, on the other hand, is 44 years old.

Violet Moon Howey Parents’ Relationship

When Shahi appeared as a guest star on Howey’s program Reba in 2004, the two became friends and eventually married. After a nearly two-year engagement, they tied the knot in February 2009 in Las Vegas.

Sarah and Steve had already broken up before the end of the decade. The couple, who had been married for 11 years, divorced in January of 2021.

In May of last year, the actress-mother filed for divorce, claiming irreparable differences. They planned to divorce on that day in the year 2020.

After their split, the ex-couple expressed gratitude for their decade-long marriage and pride in the children they’d raised together. Priority number one for them as they transitioned into a new era of life was to continue co-parenting their children with love, mutual respect, and friendship.

The Shameless performer and the actress enjoyed joint custody of their three children after their divorce. The ex-spouses retained all of their personal belongings, including jewelry, clothes, and furniture, and neither side paid child support.

The Lawsuit Against Her Parents! 

Back in 2016, bad news about Steve and his wife Sarah was all over the news. Sarah Alaseri, the couple’s nanny, said that they had sexually harassed her and made her feel bad about herself.

She also said that they were being unfair because of their religion. Later, the couple fired their nanny because they thought she had done something wrong. 

But after a while, Sarah dropped her case against the two of them. Even though the reason why the case was dropped hasn’t been said, it may have been because both sides came to an agreement.

Violet Moon Howey’s Net Worth

Violet is still a child, so you can’t ask her what her net worth is. But both of her parents have a lot of money. About $2 million is how much Steve Howey is worth. 

He also has a beautiful $1.8 million house in Los Angeles. He was one of the “Shameless” stars who made the most money, with a salary of around $100,000. Also, as of 2022, Sarah, Violet’s mother, has a net worth of $3 million. She brings in about $520,000 a year.

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